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Looking for a gift for someone with an automotive inclination? Find the right fit with our gifting, merchandise, and apparel, or grab a gift card if it’s all too hard.


One of the great perks about having an auto enthusiast in your life is that no matter how late you’ve left it, there’s almost always incredible car accessory gifts right at your fingertips. Whether to celebrate a birthday, festive season or even an anniversary, thoughtful car merchandise is a sure-fire way to impress them. The best news is that with our wide selection of luxury car gifts, car stickers and general car gifts for guys, you don’t even need to be a car nerd yourself to choose something amazing.

Give The Gift They Want

When it comes to the love of the open road and even personal expression through the customisation of one’s ride, no one understands this more than our team of experts. We source the very best in authentic merchandise and precision-crafted accessories. Our collection of gifts will wow even the most seasoned of car enthusiasts. You don’t need to stop at stickers for cars, our consultants can help you find something that is even unique and personalised specifically for your loved one.

Stop in at your nearest Supercheap Auto branch to find the perfect gift and merchandise with the assistance of our knowledgeable team. Alternatively, browse through our impressive online selection and get it delivered anywhere in Australia. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding that perfect gizmo or gadget for that special someone.