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Paint & Panel

Repair and restore parts, panels, and wheels with our huge selection of surface preparation, rust prevention, and automotive paints.


Sourcing auto paint and panel supplies doesn’t need to take a lot of time or cost a fortune. With our selection of car paint, spray paint, hammertone paint and even heat resistant paint, you’ll find exactly what you need in no time. We can offer you unbeatable deals on a wide range of domestic and imported products, always good news for trade professionals looking for that specific shade in volume. If you’re a keen DIY tradesman and working on your own vehicle, we can certainly assist you in finding the very best match for your finish.

Suppliers You Can Trust

Whether you’re looking for abrasives, primers, paints, clears, tapes and even polishers, our team of experts is standing by to ensure you get exactly what you need. If you’re working on more than just your car, like a boat or even caravan, we can also provide solutions that will assist with protection from the most harmful elements like rain and ultra-violet rays. After all, automotive paint should do more than just provide a pleasing aesthetic, ensure it works hard and smart to keep your vehicle looking great.