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Oils, Fluids
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Keep your engine running smoothly and performing its best with our range of oils, coolants, additives and filters from your favourite brands.


As many auto enthusiasts and professionals will attest, when it comes to keeping vehicles running in pristine condition prevention is considered a thousand times better than a cure. That’s why we not only stock a number of service manuals but a wide range of car service products and maintenance tools throughout Australia. Whether you’re running a maintenance business or you’re a DIY enthusiast working on your own vehicle, our wide range of car service tools will have you covered.

Save On High-Quality Products

There’s a reason why Supercheap Auto is the preferred supplier to automotive service technicians, heavy equipment mechanics and even collision repair technicians. Our car service tools are of the highest quality and make diagnosing and fixing problems with a vehicle’s engine, brakes, body or even electrical components a complete breeze. If you’re a DIY whizz who enjoys taking care of your own basic maintenance, then you’ll no doubt already have noticed that keeping your own car in tip-top condition keeps you safer on the road and can save you heaps of money in the long-term.

You’ll also be pleased to know we have experts on-hand to help you source exactly what you need in terms of car maintenance products. We have several branches throughout Australia that you can contact or even visit for assistance. Our extensive collection of items for sale online also provides added convenience for those who already know what they require. Enjoy the convenience of servicing and maintenance tools right at your fingertips!