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Install a more powerful and capable entertainment system or add security with a dash cam, GPS or reversing camera and keep your family safe and entertained on the road.


One of the greatest pleasures in life can be shopping for new car tech to spruce up your ride. After all, in the 80s many TV viewers marvelled at shows like Knight Rider, where a black Pontiac Trans Am could talk, drive itself and even get characters out of a jam using its onboard AI. Nowadays, many of these car tech gadgets are actually readily accessible and easily installed. Just a few incredible car tech accessories can make your driving experience that much sweeter and even safer.

Cutting-Edge Technology At Your Fingertips

If recent advancements have shown us anything, it's that the race to provide vehicles that are safer, more efficient, faster and let’s face it, just plain cooler, will keep pushing the boundaries of technology in what we drive. Whether it be car entertainment or making things that little bit easier with a rear-view camera, there’s something for everyone. From dash cams, reversing cameras or in car DVR to very useful Bluetooth technology and even GPS navigation, there’s a wealth of in car tech to consider.

This wide selection of options can become a bit overwhelming, that’s why we always encourage consumers to contact one of our branches throughout Australia to chat to an expert. This can make a world of difference when finding the right in car tech for your specific make and model. If you already know exactly what you want, there’s also the convenient option of purchasing car tech accessories online from our wide selection.